For Alma Home

 For Alma Home began as a fun and creative way to entertain my nieces,  Kennedy and Kendall.  Fun and creativity evolved into a cathartic way to remember one of my favorite people, my aunt, Alma.

        During the fall of 2010, Alma passed away as gracefully as she lived, without any pomp and circumstance, just a glass of wine and an ever present book. Alma was very smart and even more creative. She could sew a leather coat or make a simple birthday card. She built miniature doll houses with estate quality furniture and cooked a full gourmet meal for herself on any day of the week. Alma and I shared a passion for reading that ALMOST surpassed her love for shopping.  We were known to read 1 or 2 books a day, especially during our bad weather sleep-overs. She LOVED to shop for clothing and matching accessories. Mostly, I remember how much she loved her children and grandchildren, her nieces and nephews, and how she worshipped her sisters. I remember how proud she was of everything each of us accomplished and her uncanny manner of communicating anything she wanted us to know.

Although it has been 7 years since her passing, I cannot type this simple document without shedding a tear. I remember Alma and all of the knowledge she deposited into my character bank in just 47 short years, and have turned her love of jewelry into a passion of my own.  For Alma Home combines Alma's creative spirit and my passion for style to create and deliver beautiful, trendy jewelry and home accessories all inspired by and created, For Alma Home.

- Traci Ford, Principal Owner

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